April 23rd, 2014

WE HAVE DONE IT AGAIN! This week’s #PLAYLISTWEDNESDAY is another jaw-dropping collection of tunes with the ability to make your toes tap and hands clap. Sir Sly, Justice and The Black Keys all make an appearance, while tracks from The Temper Trap and Discovery serve as this playlist’s bookends. Turn up the volume and listen below!

4.23.2014 by fulbags on Grooveshark

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Artist We Love: The Paper Kites

April 21st, 2014

The Paper Kites are our new friends from Down Under. We can’t get enough of this five piece folk Aussie band! With the release of their much anticipated album States in 2013, the band’s presence began to grow and flourish. The Paper Kite’s melodies are heavenly and full of harmony and rhythm. Listen below!

The Paper Kites by fulbags on Grooveshark

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April 18th, 2014

The Tennman is one of Ful’s original backpack designs. Over the years, the Tennman has been spotted with celebs Snoop Dogg, Slash and more! It offers tons of room for storage, a designated laptop compartment AND contoured shoulder straps for added comfort.

Designated fully padded laptop compartment, large external pockets, signature front “quick pouch”, side panel elastic water bottle pouch, contoured shoulder straps with sternum strap

Most recently, the Tennman was featured in an interview with our good friend Cody Dickinson from the North Mississippi All Stars! Learn more about Cody, his life on the road and traveling with Ful HERE.

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April 16th, 2014

Welcome to another edition of #PLAYLISTWEDNESDAY! Are you needing awesome tunes to help brighten your day? We have got you covered. This week, we’re feature tracks from Passion Pit, The Blues and The Greys, MGMT and more! Take a listen below!

4.16.2014 by fulbags on Grooveshark

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April 14th, 2014

Looking for something with edge? Check-out We Are The City. These Canadian musicians are creating something completely original. After a time of separation, WATC returned to it’s original line-up and dropped Vilolent in 2013. The band describes their newest album as something they have wanted to create since WATC’s formation. Listen to a few tracks from their albums, High School and Violent below.

WeAreTheCity by fulbags on Grooveshark

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Interview with North Mississippi All Star, Cody Dickinson

April 11th, 2014

We are beyond thrilled to share this wonderful interview from Memphis legend, Cody Dickinson! Cody and his brother Luther makeup the North Mississippi All Stars, an awesome band combining great southern blues with rock ‘n roll! Listen to great tracks from the North Mississippi All Stars and read about Cody’s life on the road below!

North Mississippi All Stars by fulbags on Grooveshark

FUL: Hi Cody, Thanks for join us! Growing up with Memphis-legend Jim Dickinson as your father must have impacted your view of the city, music and culture. How has your upbringing affected the evolution of the North Mississippi All Stars’ sound?

CD: I just want to say the people at FUL are amazing. YOU ARE WHAT MAKE THIS CITY SO SPECIAL. So glad we are working together. Memphis and Mississippi are all about the people.

Growing up around the Burnsides, the Kimbroughs, Otha Turner- it was all about friends, family and having a good time together. The music came naturally. My father and our family were no different, we played together to stay together. The music grows and changes over time, it is a dynamic tradition. The North Mississippi Allstars are at our best when we are looking to the past with respect while charging fearlessly into the future. These experiences inform our sound every step of the way.

FUL: “Take Me To The River” won the 24 Beats Per Second Audience Award at SXSW! CONGRATS! Tell us a little bit about the documentary, its’ creation and the artists who partnered with you to produce the film. What was it like having so many talented people come together to celebrate Memphis, its’ music and the city’s history?

CD: Thank you very much for the kind words about our movie. Making ‘Take Me To The River’ has been the experience of a lifetime. We can’t wait to share it with the world. Right now, as I write this, I am on my way to California for a private screening/QNA.

I just want to say that it means the world to have my FUL gear traveling with me. It is excellent luggage for someone like me, who travels constantly for work. It is also incredibly comforting to feel the hometown love and support from FUL. That goes a long way when I am heading out for a long trip. THANK YOU! FUL RULES!!

FUL: You guys are the best! We’re proud to support y’all! Tell us about the creation of your new album, “World Boogie Is Coming”. You described the making of “World Boogie Is Coming” as a return to NMAS blues-infused, rock ‘n roll roots. Was transitioning back difficult or was it like a homecoming?

CD: We play blues music that people can dance to. That is a magical formula that I wanted to explore and focus on. Transitioning back into what became WORLD BOOGIE IS COMING took a lot of hard work and focus. It was a very conscious decision to scale back and make the music as simple and primitive as possible, while creating an undeniable infectious groove. There was a lot of self applied pressure to deliver our very best with this record. I literally projected the words MAGNUM OPUS in giant letters on the wall while we recorded.

FUL: That is so cool! We love hearing about the creative process. Being on the road must make you miss the Bluff City. What are your favorite things to do when you return home?

CD: My favorite thing to do when I return home from a long trip is to eat a veggie sub from Finos.

FUL: Mmm…Finos. What are your favorite spots to play in Memphis?

CD: I like playing different Memphis venues for different reasons. The (Levitt) Shell has so much history, the New Daisy is classic, Minglewood is an excellent size and location, The Orpheum is amazing..even Beale Street was fun for us. Everyone is very professional in the live production scene here in Memphis. All around production quality is stellar in this city. they know what they are doing.

FUL: While traveling, what artists are on your travel playlist?

CD: I enjoy pop music because it is constantly changing and recycling. Classics get very stuffy to me. Lately I have been listening to lots of Thirty Seconds To Mars, Paramore, Skrillex, Zedd.. what these kids are doing with laptops these days is truly innovative, but I like american suburban rock. It is a dying genre.

FUL: What city is your favorite while touring?

CD: I have many favorite cities- Vancouver, Rome, so many dear friends in London.. I also love Barcelona and Madrid. I think LA AND SAN FRANCISCO are my top two. I was looking forward to Moscow and St Petersburg this year, but the shows have been canceled due to politics :( I have seen some serious civil disobedience out there, first hand.. everywhere, in many different flavors. The world can be a very scary place.

FUL: What Ful gear do you carry?

CD: I carry the 30″ Hybrid Rolling Duffel and the Tennman backpack. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!

FUL: How has/will Ful make your life easier while on the road?

CD: My favorite American transcendental philosopher Thoreau said “a man should never travel with more that he can carry” FUL allows me to live by those words!! It means the world for someone like me who travels constantly to have durable, sensible bags that feel great and can carry everything I need to bring.

FUL: With technology being a huge staple in keeping us connected to our social accounts, family and friends; how has your Ful gear helped you to organize your technology?

CD: I bring a mini portable studio with me everywhere I go, and it all fits perfectly. FUL bags seem custom fit to haul all my electronics while keeping them easily accessible for work. I am writing this on my laptop straight out of the Tennman!

FUL: What are some of your travel must-haves? What feature on your Ful gear allows you to carry your must-haves in a more efficient way?

CD: Must have water when traveling. I love the side pocket that holds my water bottle. FUL bags have the best designs I have ever seen. You guys have done great work.

FUL: Thanks, Cody! We’re glad to hear you’re enjoying your gear! How has traveling with Ful made your on-the-go lifestyle easier?

CD: Thanks to FUL, I now have two new bags that I look forward to taking all over the world this summer. The truth is I will use this luggage all the time and it means the world to me. THANK YOU FUL! FUL RULES!!

Check-out Cody with his Ful gear!

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April 9th, 2014

IT’S WEDNESDAY! This week, we’ve put together great tracks to help you get through the mid-week blues. Looking to tap your toes and jam out while working? This is the perfect playlist! Tracks from bands like Blithe Field and Kye Kye, who mix electronic and classic music, is sure to kick your Wednesday off right. Listen below!

4.9.2014 by fulbags on Grooveshark

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Artist We’re Loving

April 7th, 2014

We are proud supporters of musicians big and small around here! Lately, we cannot get enough of Diane Birch. Her music is a surprise of tone and lyric constantly inspiring us! Plus, she has the coolest style. Below are a couple of Diane’s tracks we cannot get enough of! Listen below.

dianebirch by fulbags on Grooveshark

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Dont be a stranger, let’s meet!

Don’t be a stranger, let’s meet!

April 4th, 2014

“Don’t be a stranger, let’s meet!” is a common phrase around Ful! We love connecting with our fans and followers through Twitter and Facebook. Recently, Diane connected with us to share her Ful Peabody story. Check it out!

Diane created this collage of all her travels using the Peabody!

“I bought my pink and blue Ful Peabody bags in 2006, after seeing one in an airport on someone else. I liked the look of the bag and needed a smaller-sized, hands-free backpack to take on vacations. Since 2006 I have taken my pink Peabody (and the blue as well) all round the world with me: China, France, Italy, Toronto, Miami, India, the Carolina’s, Utah, Chicago, Iceland, and many more places. The collage came about because my travel partner in Iceland noticed I was carrying the same bag that I had been 9 years earlier in China.

It had never even occurred to me that I’d had the Ful bag that long, it’s just so natural for me to carry it, so I set about trying to find some travel pictures of me and my bags. It’s a true testament to the quality and workmanship of the Ful bags that they have held up 9 years and are still like new; there isn’t a rip, a hole, or any stain on either of my bags, and the zippers, pulls, and straps have been used hundreds of times with no malfunctions or tears or any seams coming apart. It’s quite amazing really, and rather fun to see the bag in all my travel pictures, and it certainly speaks to the quality of the bags Ful makes.”


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April 2nd, 2014

This week’s edition of #PLAYLISTWEDNESDAY features tracks from Cold War Kids, Generationals and more! Listen below:

04.2.2014 by fulbags on Grooveshark

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